Our Services

CCTV Services
All type of CCTV camera setup and service.
We provide network camera, analogue camera and recorder devices.

We provide flexible Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) plan for any number of system for your organization.

Motherboard (chip level work)
Chip level repairing for all kind of motherboards and computer devices.Chip level work for various brands like intel, asus, gigbye, nvidea etc.

We help to repair your computer, and at the same time, give you the best experience with informative advice. We provide a call out service at a reasonable cost that includes pickup and delivery, we don't charge by the hour.

Nerworking Solutions
We provide Infrastructure network service for your organization. We provide routers, servers and other networking device at reasonable cost with set up service.

Printer Refilling
Printer refilling for all kind of laser, inkjet, dot matrix printers. We are selling tonner,cartage,ink of various brands like hp, Epson , Canon, etc.